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What we do

We bring the human element into history. Using augmented and virtual reality, we create an experience where you can see, hear and interact with the people and buildings from the past on the spot they once occupied. You experience the history, on the spot, as if you travelled back in time. With our technology, exhibitions are no longer limited to displaying what exists today - you can make history alive by adding the elements you choose.

About CTRL Entertainment

CTRL Entertainment is a company specializing in the production of augmented and virtual reality experiences to historic environments. We innovate, how museums or other cultural heritage sites can be made more interesting with new mobile technology. Our modern solutions help historic destinations appeal to wider audiences.

We create mixed reality applications mainly for Android and iOS devices, making use of indoor and outdoor modeling, virtual characters and objects.

CTRL Entertainment's core competence is in understanding the whole story - we can create the idea and develop it into a concept. After that we can either use our own people to execute the concept or outsource the implementation to our partners.

Our team has a strong experience in augmented and virtual reality -projects. Together we have published more than 10 different mixed reality experiences. CTRL Entertainment participates in Futuristic History and MIRACLE -projects with the Technology Research Center at the University of Turku. The projects investigate and implement creative innovative augmented and virtual reality concepts.


CTRL Entertainment cooperates with the Technology Research Center and the Department of Finnish History at the University of Turku to create mixed reality experiences. Presented below are some references that Technology Research Center completed within the Futuristic History Project in 2013-2014.

Luostarinmäki Adventure

A tablet application that uses augmented reality technologies to bring people from old times virtually into the streets and courtyards of Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum in Turku, Finland. The visitor is engaged into the arrangements of a wedding in one Saturday in the summer of 1855. They can interract with the characters, do tasks for them and eventually solve a mystery related to the wedding crown.

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Louhisaari Stories

A collection of episodes taking visitors of the Louhisaari Manor in Askainen, Finland, back in time to the 19th century, when the Mannerheim family was living in the premises. Looking at a tablet computer screen in certain locations of the manor park, the visitor sees episodes presenting Mannerheim family members and their servants in various situations, such as celebrating a birthday or bathing on the waterfront. The scenes take place in the actual locations, applying augmented reality technology to add virtual characters and modify details of the environment. An interface providing in depth information about the characters and events is also available for the users.

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Holy Ghost Church

A virtual reconstruction of the interior of a late 16th century church that was demolished in the 1650's. A tablet application, where the user can move freely in the space, turning the tablet to see different parts of the church, while listening to information about the church history.

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